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Not Our Enemy

The alien ships appeared in our atmosphere suddenly, and without warning. Their shops broadcasted an incredibly powerful signal over and over, the sheer strength of it knocked out electric power grids all over the world. The Earth’s combined military might launched a massive counter attack, completely destroying the aliens; no one would ever know the true meaning of the signal, “You are not our enemy.”

The Empire Strikes Back

The rebels had their chance. The United States Federal Army had held the ceasefire for two solid weeks, knowing that the rebels would take this opportunity to attack.

They did their best, struck several strong blows. But now the international community was firmly on the Army’s side. They fully supported Emperor Carters plan to crush the rebellion, which had been his plan all along. 

Now, the Empire would destroy their enemies with horrifying chemical weapons, with the blessing of the world. All because the rebels couldn’t hold their fire during the temporary peace.

I Fight For the Living

Some men fought for love, others for revenge, I liked to think I had a better reason. I didn’t care about politics, all I knew was my country - my people - were under attack. It’s my country, right or wrong, and I had people I meant to protect.

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Scorched Earth

My enemy to the south had lied to me for the last time, trusting them again was out of the question. They wanted to share the rights for the new oil find near our border. No, that would be impossible, I knew this find could change my country forever, I ordered my generals to attack and leave nothing left.

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A Clash of Kings

Across the vastness of space the two kings and their space faring armies met a heavily contested border solar system. Their great frigates and starfighters jockeyed for position and launched incredible barrages of fire power. King Lyon felt sure of his victory, right up until the moment his flagship was hit with four nuclear torpedoes and smashed into a billion pieces.

World of Tomorrow

In the year 2097 there is no more war, no more hunger, no more crime and all people are treated equally all over the world. It is almost a completely perfect world, and I know what you’re thinking. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that humans are still plagued with having to wash dishes, that particular scourge may never be defeated.

One Word

Having spent two weeks on board the alien ship, teaching them about humans and answering all their questions, they decided to give humanity a gift. It would be up to me to decide what gift they should bestow upon all mankind, and as if that wasn’t enough they told me that I had to express my desire in one word. After much deliberation on all of Earth’s problems I decided on something that I believed would do the most for human society’s peaceful co-existance; I went to the aliens and said “Harmony.”


The humans said wine was the nectar of the gods, in Mars’ case he could certainly confirm that. In the beginning he used war as a means of working out conflicts between humans, other times justice needed to be found through conflict. Now the world was so fucked up he drank wine, got drunk and made humans kill each other for his own personal pleasure.

You Have to Promise Me

“I don’t understand how you could ask me something like that, how you could ask anyone that,” my friend Tom said. “Don’t you understand Tom, I need you to promise me that if the zombiepocalypse happens and I get bit, that you’ll shoot me in the head.” Tom considered it for a moment and realized what great joy he’d take in killing me, “No problem buddy.”

Salt Lake City

I remember it vividly, the NBA All-Star game was held in Salt Lake City and I remember saying “Who would EVER want to live there?” Well, now the zombie hordes have taken over the Eastern Seaboard and the military has designated Salt Lake City, Utah as an official safe zone. We’re all supposed to retreat there by any means necessary; well I refuse, I’m a man of my priciples.

Crossover/Mash-up 3

A wounded Mario now led the computer game characters, many of their heavy hitters had already been deleted, but their reserves were strong. Bleeding from a head wound Mario ordered the Death Star to fire while leading troops from Modern Warfare in a hand to hand assault. Mario had just enough time to see the next deletion wave before a bolt hit him and he was gone forever. To be continued…

No Weapon Forged

They beat me, tortured me, abused my mind and body In ways I never could have imagined. They wanted me to betray my men, but I wouldn’t, I couldn’t. My men, my team, belongs to me; they might as well ask me to sell my soul.

Brother Against Brother

This was war and today my opponent was my brother John. I forgot about how close we are and focused only on crushing him like a bug, taking everything from him. Yes, I am that serious about poker, how else do you expect me to win?

Final Victory

Why couldn’t they see I was trying to restore America to greatness? I thought my battle robots had quelled all protests, but now the entire country was in open rebellion against me. With a group of rebels pounding on my door I knew my time as president was over, I only hope they wouldn’t torture me.

The End

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The Earth is Sick

After I took over Congress with the military’s robots I also sent them all over the country. This made it much easier to progress my agenda, the citizen uprisings were put down quickly, only a few million had to die. I think they finally understood that the earth is sick… and I am the cure. To be continued …

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