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The Hero We Need

Just in time he showed up, flying in like a miracle with a bright red cape and big red boots. The Earth was under attack and our forces had been devastated, until he showed up like a god to beat back the enemy. But then, they rallied and brought all their firepower to bare on this one miracle man, and he fell; that’s when I remembered that even gods die when they’re alone. 

Depressed? Who’s Depressed?

“Look, just because I haven’t been out with friends in months, I drink every night, and the only meal I’m motivated to make for myself is noodles doesn’t mean anything. I’m not depressed, I enjoy my life. Just last night I beat 3 PS3 games, how could I be any happier than that?

Super Storm

My family, shouted at me as I opened the door and walked out into the raging hurricane. I ignored them, this is what I had wanted for months, I wanted to face the power of the god I hated and tell him what I really thought of him. Whether I lived or died would be totally up to him, frankly I hoped the storm killed me.

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Brad became obsessed with earning “karma” on Reddit, a somewhat unusual social media platform. All night he scoured the internet to find things he could link to that would earn the most upvotes. No matter how hard he tried the karma gods eluded him, somehow the redditors sensed what he was doing and downvoted everything he did.


Ellie obsessively cultivated friends on Facebook, so many that she was nearly at the limit. She didn’t actually know the vast majority of these people in real life, only through online games or message boards, but having so many made her happy, or so she thought. It wasn’t until the day her best friend from high school unfriended her that Ellie realized she didn’t have any real friends… only fake ones.

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Who Is The Fairest

After seeing the best specialists, spending a fortune on beauty products and plastic surgery, she looked into the magic mirror. “Who is the fairest of them all?” After much consideration the mirror answered, “Definitely not you.”

***The FREE Miniature Fiction ebook is currently available on the Apple eBook, the Nook storeSony ebook store, and Smashwords***

Arguing With Strangers on the Internet

Brad spent 6 hours on Saturday checking Facebook, reddit, and various message boards. He argued with  everyone non-stop. When it was over, he closed his laptop, he knew it had been a productive day.

Grew Worse on Friday

I’m supposed to be happy its Friday? Why, because its the last day of the work week? All Friday is now is one more week without him, my one love.


He took too many pills, to protect the world from himself. His son couldn’t wake him and called 911. The ambulance was already next door saving someone, so they saved him too.

-Adam Micohn


pizza wasn’t invented until the late 19th century so that means everyone in les mis died before they could try their first pizza and that’s why les mis is such an upsetting story

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John has 3 twitter accounts, 2 tumble pages, 2 instagram feeds, and multiple blogs he’s abandoned over the years. Every morning he sits on the coach, updates them all, and then cries.

A Disaster Beyond Your Imagination

The movie was about to start, I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. I raced out to the concession stand, but disaster struck when they said they were out of extra butter popcorn and I had to get regular butter.

One Hour Left

Last day on the job, one hour left before I can finally retire after working the federally mandated 55 years. At 73 years old I had finally reached my last hour on the factory floor, I only hoped I had a few years I could enjoy before the doctors decided I wasn’t worth it and put me down. One hour left, one last bite of my celebration cake, that’s all it took to give me my first -  and last - heart attack.

The Call Center

Last week, it was busy - three shifts of people manning the cubicles 24 hours a day. The work was nothing special, but everyone was busy and happy. Now, the news of cubicles sat empty and dark.

It’s Friday!

"I’m so happy it’s Friday," Carla said every Friday morning until a thousand Fridays passed by, followed by the weekends, followed by Mondays, followed by Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, until Carla was lying face up in a wooden box buried underground.  

- C.D. Carter

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