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#Occupy My Heart 7

Their worst fears for realized, the occupy movement and the Tea Party knew their secret. Jenn and Steve decide their love was more important than politics. They threw off the shackles of politics and drove north, never looking back.

The End

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#Occupy My Heart part 6

Silence gripped the two massive protests, just minutes before they’d been shouting at each other. A bullet had cut through Larry like a hot knife through butter, the two groups scattered when he collapsed. Steve was dragged away, his last glimpse of his love Jenn was of her weeping over Larry as he died.

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#Occupy My Heart part 5

Inauguration Day came and the Occupy Movement met the Tea Part in a battle of protests, as usual and on schedule. “Jenn and Steven are together,” Larry shouted as he told both sides that Jenn, an Occupier and Steven, a Tea Partier, were lovers. The horror this caused on both sides was everything Jenn and Steven had feared it would it would be; a fight started, a shot and a scream… but who had been hurt?

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Occupy My Heart

#Occupy My Heart part 4

The Tea Party and the #Occupy movement was once again clashing on a battlefield of words, this time on the eve of the Presidential Inauguration. Steven was sneaking out of Jenn’s tent in the Occupy camp before sunrise. He thought he’d gotten away clean, but he was seen by someone who knew him as a Tea Partier, the hated enemy.


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#Occupy My Heart 3

They made love in Jenn’s tent, in the middle of the movements latest tent city. when the police came to tear it all down, Steven fled. Neither of them wanted to be caught together, not yet; they weren’t prepared for the chaos it would cause.

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#Occupy My Heart

#Occupy My Heart part 2

#Occupy My Heart

They came from different sides of the tracks, as lovers sometimes do. She spent a couple weekends a year championing sensible tax reform, he’d spent months attempting to Occupy the 1%ers. When they first met it was on a field of battling speech, but the sparks they felt were immediate and undeniable.

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