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We DO Need Back-Up

My partner and I pulled up to the abandoned factory in our black and whites, the murderer we were chasing had just run inside. I keyed up my radio to call for back-up, but my partner, McClane, told me we wouldn’t need them. We ran inside and almost immediately the murderer got the drop on us, now I really wish I’d called for back-up, no one knew where we were.

A Song of Ice and Fire

I pressed play on the boom box strapped to my back, heavy metal music flooding the pavillion. The gawkers stared at me with me huge contraptions on my arms; my right hand held a flame thrower and my left a gun that spewed liqued nitrogen. I smiled as the authorities showed up at last, time to party.

License to Thrill

Being a male hooker use to carry a huge stigma, not to mention being highly illegal. But, times have changed - I’m licensed and the profession has taken on a certain level of legitimacy. It’d been years since I was harassed, so when I felt the knife plunge into my stomach I was very surprised.

I’ll Kill Them All

Chained, imprisoned, no hope for parole - my jailors made a sport of making me miserable. One day, I’d break free, and then they’ll pay.

Paper Faces on Parade

They led him down the hall in chains, Logan protested, “it’s all just a game, can’t you see that? It’s a disguise party, make-believe – you’re  not even real cops!” The two patrolmen guided Logan to his cell, shaking their heads at the injustice of this guy living while 15 others were dead.

11th Hour

I sat in the chair, hoping and praying that big, red phone would ring, then, incredibly, it DID ring. One of the guards ran over and answered it; after a short conversation he looked at me and said, “The Governor says he’ll see you in hell” and then he threw the switch and my life ended.

The Might of Money

“I will bury you, do you hear me, I will BURY you. I could shoot you in full view of a hundred people and never go to jail, that’s how powerful I am. When I’m done with you no one will know what happened, I’m going to erase you, make it like you never existed.”

Film Noir 5

Claire had an in with Carmine Falcone, which she had to burn to meet him. Walking into Carmines private office she saw Sandy Holmes passed out on the couch, clearly suffering from a drug habit. Finding Sandy technically meant this case was over, but Claire felt compelled to help the young woman…

to be concluded

Death of the Family

All the bosses were meeting to discuss what to do about this, what to do about the killer who had been taking out members of the mob for three months. They all thought it was a rogue cop, there was no way for them to know it was me. And now I had them right where I wanted them.

I Never Knew I Had It In Me

On the road I was often forced to stop driving and spend the night in small towns, exhausted with travel, I’d get a beer at a small local bar. On one such occasion I noticed a group of local tough guys assaulting the only woman in the place; I stepped in, felt like I HAD to. The three guys looked at me and laughed, I was so enraged I beat them bloody, lucky for me the woman paid for my beer as a “thank you.”

Film Noir 4

Claire had gotten what she needed out of the thugs at Spades Bar, the woman had been seen recently. That was the good news, the bad news was they told Claire that Sandy Holmes was known to be running around with Carmine Falcone. The biggest mob boss in the state.

Gator Needs His Gat

I started working for the mob when I was 10 years old, what they paid me allowed my family to eat. When I was 17 I saved the boss’ son from choking, in return he put a gun in my hand, I was a made man. That was the greatest day of my life.

Film Noir 3

Claire was pinned down in Spade’s Bar, but she wasn’t worried, she’d been in worse situations. Grabbing a pool cue she did a shoulder roll to the closest target and smoothly clamped the long piece of wood over his neck. “Tell me what I need to know or this guy won’t be singing in the choir no more.”

City of Tomorrow

Towers 200 stories tall stretched into the sky, each covered in millions of photovoltaic power cells for clean energy. Millions of people moved efficiently around the city, the economy robust, with unemployment near 0%. Crime has been virtually eliminated by the universal psychic harmony that has been brought to all people, unfortunately everyone is just as fat as ever.

Film Noir 2

Claire drove down Dobbin Road in her black Cadillac, heading for the last place John Holmes said he’d seen his estranged wife. It was a seedy bar in the Red Light District, John had gone there to beg his wife Sandy to come home. As soon as Claire walked in they made her for an outsider, Claire just barely heard the distinctive “click” of a guns safetey being released before she hit the deck. To be continued…

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